Stop kidding to yourselves

Putting blinders to negativity is the least we could do to improve our lives. But we really don’t like putting the negative away from our lives. We want to stick to it as long as we can; we love the pain and suffering more than we love anything in this world. If u don’t agree with me its fine, but its true isn’t it. How many times you thought the put the shit in yourself away from yourself and how many times u succeeded. I know the answer you just think it inside your alma mater (brain) because your answer is important to you not to me.

When you say to yourself that I will try and you don’t, you just fear from yourself, no one controls or holds anything in your life but you. So many people had, have and will be facing the hardship of life more than you ever imagine. But we tell ourselves that everything is wrong around me, it’s because you made it so.

Didn’t you? Ask yourself

Do want to face the reality that u have more resources than 70% people of the population. But no you want an uttering sympathy from others, because of your day to day laziness.

Stop kidding and stop making fool of your own.

You and your life are the reactions of your actions, isn’t it?

It’s good to face reality and judge yourself once in a while so that something better could come out of you.

Published by yamini1520

I believe in being real.

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