Don’t hurry

You don’t have be very fast and specific, when you want to move on from places, people, love, regrets, sadness. It will take some time to heal what’s been broken inside, it won’t heal instantly, I might take one day, one week , one month or even one year. Sometimes we don’t give to adjust ourselves, sometimes we want to end the hiding pain in the moment, because we think that we are no longer able to tolerate it. But everyone is more strong, as they think they are. You will find seek and this endless pain will go, just give it some. It’s a make or break time, you will become what you choose to become, just wait a couple of days, and you will feel better inside you, don’t worry good days are ahead and will be more happy and successful and beautiful as u think u are. Just give, it’s just that necessary for the damage done inside your heart.

Published by yamini1520

I believe in being real.

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