It’s better to switch it off sometimes?

Wow that is a great title isn’t it?

Previously my blog was on happiness I discussed some tips, that if you follow in general life happiness is just like the girl next door. Yeah do check it out in case you have missed it.

Yeah, back to the title and some reasonable explanation that why I said to switch it off sometimes.

What should we switch off?

Relating to my previous blog in order to adore happiness we need to switch off PAIN, isn’t it, ask yourselves? If you would like to read the previous blog on happiness , click the link. How to be happy? – brainboxes.

What kind of pain we want to switch off immediately?

Yes, ask yourselves and answer it in your head, this answer is certainly going to help you.


Pain of separation from your beloved ones and in this blog I am definitely and specifically will be writing about separation of your LOVE from your life in form of husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife. That’s the definition of love for us isn’t it?

So,“she broke up with me”, there were tears in my eyes. I thought I could make her happy and she seemed to be happy but it turns out she was not, and starts sobbing.

So, he says, “you are so damaged, hard to handle and the other girl that I met yesterday is more beautiful than you”, and he took off.

I bet that you all might have heard these sentences somewhere. Typically all relationships, yeah, that’s we call them today, start fair with warmth, attention, care, intimacy.

Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful days flew off?

Whenever you face situations like that in your life, be static. What static means here that don’t rush to go in pain, don’t try to make harsh decisions, don’t blame neither yourself nor that person. I know it’s easier said than done.

There might be times when you feel completely lonely, times when you miss all the things that you went through.

You why do we feel like that to get that person back and why we have so many betrayal feelings, it’s your brain that is messing with you. It is no one but your brain. Imagine in real world when you work hard day and night, you obviously want good results don’t you?  Because you have invested in that particular work you expect good results. That’s how you must have had invested in relationship, sleepless talking nights, money, nights and what not, you even want to invest you as a whole in that person, as your work that I explained earlier that person might be of your interest and with such a huge and immense physical, emotional and social investment you want that person to stay, you don’t want your efforts to ruin. Isn’t it? Some might disagree with me but let me tell you consciously that you might disagree with me but your subconscious and unconscious mind will not. As you feel pain when you work hard and do not get good results you feel sad, and absurd. That’s how the investment theory works.


Earlier i said about being static, first do tell me in comments please, when you fail in a project or studies or say in sports what you do and how you cope up with that failure?

As you must have written your comments, now the simple mechanism that you follow in your work space to overcome failures try to replicate them with your failed love and switch it off because that’s what you do whole life switch it off and move on.

That I my simple explanation about it, it is not hard to move and switch it off , just think your relationship as a project failure, learn from the past and do not commit mistakes what you did and you will see you will be okay.

If you want me write on some specific topic in my next blog, please do tell in comments, use advance technology and share it.

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6 thoughts on “It’s better to switch it off sometimes?

  1. Awesome 👍 Plz write on How to learn this “swithching off ” process for another kind of pain( not breakup’s pain) .bcoz mostly people cant control their mind. Mind will b the one..Who control them.btw nyc content and ur writing skill. I must you are very good with words.


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