How to be happy?

Every person wants happiness in their lives. At every step of life, we seek happiness. Whatever we do, whatever we intend to do, we reconnoiter happiness. In a way, happiness is the purpose of our life.  In the path of life which is not happy, we cannot walk on that path for a much longer period. Happiness works as an engine to move forward our lives. If we are happy and satisfied in our life then a lot of psychological problems that are common these days do not bother us. 
How to stay happy in life? How happiness can be enhanced?  
To know this, we have to know and adopt those sources of life, which are present near us, but we are heedless of them.
1. Our natural environment
The surrounding in which we live is chockfull of natural beauty and art. But due to our problems we don’t see it, we cannot feel it. We need to open our eyes and see the world around us is full of joy. I remember a friend of mine saying that when he was going through his rough phase, he used to go out take pictures of flowers and different plants and admire their beauty and essence. He said, “those blossomed flowers made me feel very happy and I used to forget every problem that I have and it makes me very happy being around nature”. We all need to seek this sometimes go out and just admire everything around, it will make you happy.
2. Recognize your qualities
If we keep looking at our flaws all the time, keep blaming ourselves, keep looking at our bruises so we will be unhappy and stressed. We get happy when we admire our attributes, expand yourself day by day and utilize your qualities to achieve your goals. For example; if you are an average dancer and you like dancing then dance every day. 
3. Goal-oriented life
Lakshay NHI h jinka vo ase reh jaate hein,
Jaise hazaro lakho patte pani mein beh jaate hein.
Those people would be happier in life, whose purpose in life is clear. Set goals in your life try to achieve them; it will give you happiness because life becomes dull without purpose. Those people who do not have a goal, they also work hard in their lives, but there is a feeling of depression and discontentment in their life. They don’t know where they are heading in their lives, what are they doing, why are they even doing it they don’t about that. So, GET, SET, and GO.
4. Learn from fall
We all face situations and circumstances in our lives that let us down. We fail in studies, business, love, family, occupation, and so on. But have to understand that every successful person that you see today has gone through these problems in his or her life. What they did they step up and fight from their failures. Remember,
Those who had never fallen are not wise or great, 
But those who never quit from their fall and stoop up again and again are great

5. Connect with people
Few days back, I watched a video, in which the narrator was telling ways of happiness, he said that after a study on world-class university professors and elite Noble prize winners, the happiest of all of them were who had better relations with their friends, family, and everyone around them.  Connection with people around us makes us happy, talk to your friends, your family, brother, sister, or with whom you feel comfortable. Those who can flourish their relations with others are happier.   
Life is not a race to win; it’s not a hurdle to cross; it just a beautiful adventure to explore the astonishing world around you. 

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